About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to Retire Outside the USA. We are Steve and Paulette Tuggle from Houston, Texas. In January 2016, we retired and left Houston to start our “retirement adventure” in Central America. We have been living outside the USA, in Central and South America ever since. And it really has been a series of adventures!

Our Apartment in Medellin, Colombia.
We live on the top floor of this 20-story condominium complex.

In 3+ years, we have lived in 4 different countries and spent time in two others. And we have never been tempted to buy a home. Renting is far less expensive, and we like being able to explore new places. So far all of our experiences have been in Central and South America. We still have a son, granddaughter, and friends in the States, and it is much easier for them to travel there to visit than fly to Southeast Asia or Europe. But maybe one day we will cross the ocean and see.

This is our apartment in Medellin – 20th floor, far right side with a “killer” view of half the city.

Medellin, Colombia

Today, we live in Medellin, Colombia. We have a nice 3 bedroom apartment in the most popular neighborhood for foreigners. We have fast, dependable internet service and smartphones. Our large 24-hour grocery store is 1 block away. There are two beautiful malls within 2 blocks of our apartment. We have at least 200 places to eat out within easy walking distance. So, of course, we don’t need or want a car.

We also don’t need air conditioning, and usually, leave our windows and balcony door open all day and night. We are at about 5,000 feet elevation. And we are in a valley surrounded by mountains. Amazingly, there are no problems with insects, so we don’t need screens. We also have awesome healthcare and health insurance coverage.

And, the cost of living is a lot less expensive than in virtually all areas of the U.S. and Canada. So we are able to live comfortably on our Social Security without having to touch our savings.


Our goal is to make new friends while sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained in our travels. We hope to help people like us have a positive experience relocating to another country. The last statistic I saw said there are 10,000 people per day reaching retirement age in the U.S. And of those, we are confident that a substantial percentage will not have enough saved to be able to afford to retire inside the USA. Therefore, many of them will start to search for another affordable alternative.

For us, retiring outside the USA has been a tremendous benefit. Not only can we afford a much higher quality of life, but we have made many new friends. And we have had amazing experiences not available to us if we had stayed in the US.

The Other Benefit We Discovered

We have also discovered a blessing we would never have found had we stayed in Houston, or moved to Hot Springs Village, as we had originally planned. I like to say that 3 days after we left Houston for Roatan, God hijacked our “Retirement Adventure”. But that has turned out to be an incredible benefit. As our all-knowing Father, He knew what was best for us.

In Houston or Hot Springs, I would have spent my days playing bridge and golf. And Paulette and I would have had serious problems with our relationship, primarily due to my spending most of my days doing my own thing. But The Lord Jesus rescued us from that fate. Instead, He showed us a better plan.

Our lives Now Have Purpose

Now we are working together with other friends to establish the first English-Speaking Christian Church in Medellin, Colombia. Our lives have a purpose we never could have planned on our own.

We hope sharing our stories and the lessons we have learned will assist you in avoiding very expensive mistakes while enjoying a much better life. And maybe one day, we can bump into one another.

Please read on, and feel free to leave your comments. We will do our best to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

All the best,

Steve and Paulette Tuggle