Homeless Vagabonds Aimlessly Wandering

Homeless Vagabond Aimlessly Wandering

Four Countries in Four Months From January through April 2018, my wife, Paulette and I felt like homeless vagabonds aimlessly wandering.  It wasn’t the happiest time of our retirement, and we had no clear direction for our lives.  We had lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for 3 months.  By the first week in January 2018, we …

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Americans Living in Medellin

Americans Living in Medellin - Graffiti is beautiful and plentiful all over Medellin. This wall is found in Envigado right on Poblado Avenue

My Response to “11 Downsides to Living in Medellin: An Expat Perspective“ Recently, I found the article above written by Jeff Paschke on his website Medellin Guru.  Jeff and I are both Americans living in Medellin.  Although I don’t know him well, I have attended a few of his monthly Expat gathering events.  At the …

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10 Cheapest Countries to Retire Without Leaving the Americas

Magnificent Iguazu Falls is shared by 3 countries in South America

Table Of Contents Why the Americas? A Few Things I Want You To Know #1. Mexico – Largest, Closest, Most Familiar #2. Ecuador – Diverse, Beautiful, and Inexpensive #3. Colombia – Cheapest and Our Current Home #4. Panama – Don’t Let The Small Size Fool You #5. Costa Rica – The Land of “Pura Vida” …

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Thinking of Buying Property in Costa Rica? Don’t!

Buying Property in Costa Rica - Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific Coast

It seems everywhere I look these days, I see articles that just rave about the benefits of living in Costa Rica. Don’t get me wrong – parts of Costa Rica are very beautiful, and many ex-pats seem to love living there.  That may or not be. I invite you to look at another article on …

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