Homeless Vagabonds Aimlessly Wandering

Homeless Vagabond Aimlessly Wandering

Four Countries in Four Months From January through April 2018, my wife, Paulette and I felt like homeless vagabonds aimlessly wandering.  It wasn’t the happiest time of our retirement, and we had no clear direction for our lives.  We had lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for 3 months.  By the first week in January 2018, we …

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Top Reasons to Retire in Cuenca Ecuador

Retire in Cuenca, Ecuador - The beautiful blue domes of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Catedral Nueva). They can be seen from almost everywhere in Cuenca.

Since retiring at the end of 2015, my wife Paulette and I have made a study of retiring outside the USA.  We are now experts in that subject, especially in Latin America.  And one of the best places we lived was Cuenca.  There are many reasons to retire in Cuenca Ecuador.  But no place is …

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Americans Living in Medellin

Americans Living in Medellin - Graffiti is beautiful and plentiful all over Medellin. This wall is found in Envigado right on Poblado Avenue

My Response to “11 Downsides to Living in Medellin: An Expat Perspective“ Recently, I found the article above written by Jeff Paschke on his website Medellin Guru.  Jeff and I are both Americans living in Medellin.  Although I don’t know him well, I have attended a few of his monthly Expat gathering events.  At the …

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Is Retirement on Social Security Possible?

Is Retirement on Social Security Possible - Retire or Keep Working?

Is retirement on social security possible in the USA?  I just saw an article on Retirement on Social Security Alone that is simply shocking in its stupidity. And it was published by AARP.  The writers and editors at AARP should have a special interest in getting the right information out to seniors.  In this case, …

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10 Cheapest Countries to Retire Without Leaving the Americas

Magnificent Iguazu Falls is shared by 3 countries in South America

Table Of Contents Why the Americas? A Few Things I Want You To Know #1. Mexico – Largest, Closest, Most Familiar #2. Ecuador – Diverse, Beautiful, and Inexpensive #3. Colombia – Cheapest and Our Current Home #4. Panama – Don’t Let The Small Size Fool You #5. Costa Rica – The Land of “Pura Vida” …

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