Homeless Vagabonds Aimlessly Wandering

Homeless Vagabond Aimlessly Wandering

Four Countries in Four Months From January through April 2018, my wife, Paulette and I felt like homeless vagabonds aimlessly wandering.  It wasn’t the happiest time of our retirement, and we had no clear direction for our lives.  We had lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for 3 months.  By the first week in January 2018, we …

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You Can Retire on Social Security-Outside the USA

You Can Retire on Social Security - in Antigua, Guatemala

There is a serious problem facing many US citizens as they approach retirement.  Most people approaching retirement question whether or not they can retire on Social Security alone. We have heard it over and over – Social Security was never meant to cover 100% of our living costs.  That is true in the USA, but …

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